Youth Thrive 2 Day Training

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January 11-12th at KPFC office second floor.  Lunch is on your own.  9am-4pm each day.

The vision of Youth Thrive is to increase the likelihood that all youth, including those involved in child welfare, juvenile justice and other systems, are supported in ways that advance healthy development and well-being and reduce the impact of negative life experiences.  The Youth Thrive approach endeavors to ensure the developmental needs of young people will be better attended to and that youth will receive the supports, opportunities and experiences necessary to thrive.

Kentucky’s Youth Thrive Training for Service Providers:  This two day training sets the foundation for healthy youth development and increases awareness of the importance of effective service delivery.  The training focuses on reducing risk factors by promoting 5 protective factors for youth.  Youth Thrive is built on 6 premises for youth care workers, when present these 5 protective factors can increase resiliency and lead to healthy development and increased well-being.

Youth Thrive is not a specific program or intervention, rather it is an approach that is relevant to everyone who works with young people including public child welfare system administrators, supervisors and caseworkers, teachers, staff at private agencies and nonprofits, judges and legal advocates, parents, caregivers and others who are concerned about teenagers and young adults.  The Youth Thrive framework provides the foundation for youth care workers to be more effective in engagement opportunities and skill building with youth.  The training is organized into seven modules that include:

  • Context and information on current ideas, best practices and trends in adolescent development
  • Activities that allow participants to experience and explore the use of new concepts
  • Reflective exercises to think through how to integrate new ideas into existing programs and practices.

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Youth Thrive

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