Carol W. Cecil

Carol W. Cecil, Executive Director

Carol W. Cecil has a master’s degree in special education from Eastern Kentucky University and taught in a variety of settings for thirteen years. Over the past twenty-one years, she has become an advocate for families that have children with emotional, behavioral and/or mental health challenges. Carol and her husband are the proud parents of four children; their two older children were “handpicked” in 1990 from the Special Needs Adoption Program and her two younger were home-grown. Carol feels honored to work at KPFC and is passionate about helping other families that have children with behavioral health diagnoses.



Barbara Greene, Associate Director (Kentucky Family & Youth Movement)

Barbara GreeneBarbara Greene is a parent, step-parent, and grandparent; she is in the process of raising her third generation of kids with behavioral health issues and speaks from first hand pain and healings of doing so. She is currently working with a group of volunteers who established a formalized support system for parents in the Cumberland River region which is called Creating Opportunities for Parents Everywhere (COPE house). Barbara comes from a social justice background and brings the sense of succeeding against all odds. Her two most favorite sayings are, “If you ain’t part of the solution, you are part of the problem” and “sometimes you just have to behave your way into thinking.”



Brittany Roberts, Program Coordinator

Brittany Roberts has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Phoenix, she also is a family peer support specialist, youth peer support specialist and adult peer support specialist. She is the adoptive mother of a sibling group of 2. Brittany has been in and around the system most of her life and has learned how to navigate those systems. Brittany feels privileged to have this chance to be a part of KPFC and is passionate about helping others who have behavioral health diagnosis.



Carmilla Ratliff

Carmilla Ratliff, Program/Office Coordinator

Carmilla Ratliff, is from North Eastern KY. She is a Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor, Kentucky Peer Support Specialist, and Advocate for Youth.  Carmilla started her journey as a youth advocate in 1999, using her lived experience with mental health to help other young people. In 2004 she was hired at KPFC and began working to empower young people and advocate for them. She has participated on panels, presented at conferences and trained young people across the state to become KY Youth Peer Support Specialist. Carmilla was the recipient of the Patricia Ratliff Youth Leadership Award in 2002 and the Molly Clouse Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017.





Kate Tilton

Kate Tilton, Project Director, TAYLRD

Kate Tilton has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Northern Kentucky University and worked as an IMPACT Service Coordinator for eight and a half years in the Bluegrass Region. She is also a trainer for Service Coordination 101 and is a vocal advocate for utilization of the Wraparound Philosophy. Kate strongly believes that parents have the right to guide treatment for their children and that children with behavioral health challenges have a much greater chance of success when their parents are treated as equal partners and experts on their children. Kate currently lives with her husband and their two daughters on the side of a sixteen acre hill in Washington County.



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