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Traumatic Stress & Substance Use Disorders

National Child Traumatic Stress Network ~ FACTS FOR POLICYMAKERS (pdf)     Bluegrass.org Y Medicaid, self pay, as well as have a couple of contracts that support patient fees. Tara Stansfield, (859) 227-6459, tcstanfiel@bluegrass.org; Short term residential program in Lexington (Schwartz Center). It serves adults. Adults both genders Boys & Girls Haven N n/a Josh […]

Birth Injury Guide

Birth Injury Is my child displaying symptoms of a birth injury? What exactly is a birth injury and how did this happen? Is my doctor to blame? What should I do once I find out my child has a birth injury? What will life with a child with a birth injury look like, and what is […]

* Early Childhood Services

The Early Childhood Access Guide has been produced using federal funding and is copyrighted 6/2011/ECCS &KPFC, Rob Gorstein Design, Inc. Please call 1-502-875-1320 to obtain downloading document agreement forms.  Thank you.   Family Support Resources For more information on Family resources, please see all of our resources here.       Medical, Dental & Social-Emotional […]

A Piece of the Puzzle

A Piece of the Puzzle.net is a social community website that will be completely dedicated to people with special needs and disabilities. Inside this website, we have a social wall, a chat area and a game room with over 200 games. We have a parents’ forum and articles for parents, educators and organizations and much […]

Project Fatherhood

Dr. Hershel Swinger created Project Fatherhood SM at Children’s Institute, Inc. in 1996 to re-engage low-income fathers, particularly in urban settings, in the care and upbringing of their children. Through therapy, support, parenting education and other services, fathers learn to be more loving, responsible parents and active participants in their children’s lives.

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network was established to improve access to care, treatment, and services for traumatized children and adolescents exposed to traumatic events.

Childern’s Mental Health Network

http://www.cmhnetwork.org/ The Children’s Mental Health Network is an alliance between communities, practitioners, families, agencies, alumni of system of care communities, and individuals that seek to share information, keep in touch, advocate for children’s mental health issues, and offer experience-based consultation and education to those interested in promoting the concept of systems of care.

Autism Conference Information




Center for Study of Autism


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