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* Early Childhood Services

The Early Childhood Access Guide has been produced using federal funding and is copyrighted 6/2011/ECCS &KPFC, Rob Gorstein Design, Inc. Please call 1-502-875-1320 to obtain downloading document agreement forms.  Thank you.   Family Support Resources For more information on Family resources, please see all of our resources here.       Medical, Dental & Social-Emotional […]

Community Mental Health Centers (CMHCs) and KY Crisis Line Info

Please note: If you think you may have a medical or life-threatening behavioral health emergency or your condition becomes life-threatening, please call 911 or go to the nearest hospital immediately. For all other behavioral health crises, please call the 24-Hour Crisis Number listed below for your county. *Individuals who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing […]


Youth Mental Health First Aid Training

Launching Your Transitional-age Youth/ Young Adult

Do you have a teenager that will soon transition to adulthood? How can you help them be prepared for that transition? What do they need to know? This workshop focuses on multiple areas that parents need to be aware of if they want to successfully “launch” their young adult child. This workshop is designed for […]

Creating a Family- Driven and Youth-Guided System of Care

What are families and teens role in partnering with the professionals that serve them and their family? This training focuses on why and how parents and teens should participate at the individual level, program level, and the system level. We also discuss what a “system of care” is and how they can make a difference […]

Question, Persuade and Refer (Suicide Prevention model)

Participants first learn suicidal communications, what forms these communications take and how they may be used as the stimulus for a QPR intervention. To gain perspective, participants are introduced to the history of suicide, suicide prevention and the spectrum of modern day public health suicide prevention education efforts. When requested, this workshop is available to […]

Parenting or Teaching a Child with Bipolar Disorder

This workshop focuses on the common behaviors often demonstrated by a child that has bipolar disorder. Discipline strategies for parents and teachers will be shared.   This workshop is open to parents with young children, school-age children, teens and transitional-age teens as well as educators. Running 2-3 hours, this session is available when requested.   […]

Advocating for My Child

Parents will learn how to advocate in a way that builds bridges instead of burning bridges. Open to parents of young children, school-age children, teenagers and transitional age teens, this workshop runs 2-3 hours when requested.  

Engaging Partners

This presentation will focus on how to handle challenging partners and personalities. We will use a process for strategizing how to engage partners and how to work with them collaboratively. Open to parents with children young through young adult and providers, the workshop runs 2-3 hours and is available upon request.  

Partnering with Parents

This presentation will focus on how to partner with parents of the children you are serving. We will use a process for strategizing how to engage parents and to work with them as a partner. Available to providers, this workshop is available when requested and lasts 2-3 hours.

Baby Love (FAS)

Baby Love focuses on children born with fetal alcohol effects/syndrome. This workshop is geared towards parents with young children through young adult children. Providers (teachers, foster parents, etc) are also welcome. Workshop is available when requested.

Reactive Attachment Disorder

This workshop begins with an overview of early brain development. What types of events can occur to prevent the brain from developing as expected? What are the characteristics of a child with RAD? We will also discuss strategies for parents and teachers. Providers (social workers, residential staff, etc) and parents of young children, school-age children […]

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