Kentucky Family Peer Support Specialist Core Competency Training

Are you a parent leader?  Are people always turning to you for advice about their child’s disability?  Being a Kentucky Family Peer Support Specialist is a highly skilled parent who is willing and able to provide support to other parents that are raising children with behavioral health challenges.  This Core Competency Training is an intensive week-long process that assists you in strengthening and learning skills in: leadership, motivational interviewing, roles and responsibilities, wraparound process and a code of ethics.

This training is geared towards biological parents, adoptive parents or a relative caregiver with permanent legal custody who are raising, or have raised, a child with severe emotional disabilities and have been a client of at least one state funded service.

The five day training session is held Monday – Friday, typically in the Spring. Hosted by KPFC, this training session is not cost. Participants must have successfully completed the KFLA and will be asked to submit an application to ensure readiness.


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