Many of the trainings can be conducted in a 2 – 3 hour period. Cost is based on a sliding scale of the group requesting the training. Trainings with a • were created or co-created by KPFC staff/youth/volunteers. Trainings with ° are trainings that were created for public use by varying agencies.

Question, Persuade and Refer (Suicide Prevention model)

Participants first learn suicidal communications, what forms these communications take and how they may be used as the stimulus for a QPR intervention. To gain perspective, participants are introduced to the history of suicide, suicide prevention and the spectrum of modern day public health suicide prevention education efforts. When requested, this workshop is available to […]


Reactive Attachment Disorder

This workshop begins with an overview of early brain development. What types of events can occur to prevent the brain from developing as expected? What are the characteristics of a child with RAD? We will also discuss strategies for parents and teachers. Providers (social workers, residential staff, etc) and parents of young children, school-age children […]


Surviving Challenging Behaviors

This workshop focuses on reasons children misbehave and talks about five common misbehaviors. Strategies on ways to handle these behaviors are also shared. This training session is available upon request. Lasting 2-3 hours, it is intended for parents of young children, teenagers and young adults. Providers (teachers, residential staff, etc) may also benefit from the […]


The Other Side – A Youth Perspective

KPFC’s Statewide Youth Perspective Council presents a variety of skits that demonstrate situations from their real- life journeys. After the skits, the youth council members will host a question and answer panel. Parents and service providers will benefit from this workshop. Running 2-3 hours, it is available when requested.


Youth Mental Health First Aid Training


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