Surviving Challenging Behaviors

This workshop focuses on reasons children misbehave and talks about five common misbehaviors. Strategies on ways to handle these behaviors are also shared. This training session is available upon request. Lasting 2-3 hours, it is intended for parents of young children, teenagers and young adults. Providers (teachers, residential staff, etc) may also benefit from the […]


Educational Advocacy

This workshop focuses on special education law, rights, IEPs and 504 plans.  Advocacy strategies at each step of the special education process are discussed. Parents of school-age children, teenagers and young adults, as well as IMPACT service coordinators are encouraged to attend this training. Lasting 2-3 hours, it is available upon request.


Kentucky Family Peer Support Specialist Core Competency Training

Are you a parent leader?  Are people always turning to you for advice about their child’s disability?  Being a Kentucky Family Peer Support Specialist is a highly skilled parent who is willing and able to provide support to other parents that are raising children with behavioral health challenges.  This Core Competency Training is an intensive […]


Kentucky Family Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy will enable you to: Strengthen your own leadership skills Become more comfortable sharing your  story Increase your ability to become leaders in your communities Create a “family-driven” and “youth-guided” System of Care Teenagers and young adults and parents with children with behavioral health challenges are ideal for this training event. Held on […]


Coaching Outside of the Box

A highly skilled leader can learn to become an effective coach who is able to assist others in building their own strengths and skills. This training uses the Leadership Practices Inventory, Motivational Interviewing, Value Claiming, and other techniques for helping strong leaders become phenomenal coaches! Leaders (parents and/or professionals) that have strong leadership skills within […]


Becoming an Effective Trainer

Anyone can become a trainer if they are willing to take the risk and learn how to train and facilitate effectively. A course for anyone sixteen years or older who would like to become a trainer. This two day training session is open to 15-30 participants and can e provided by KPFC upon request, fee […]


Becoming a Love and Logic Parent

“The Love and Logic Institute is dedicated to making parenting   and teaching fun and rewarding, instead of stressful and chaotic.  L & L provides practical tools and techniques that help adults achieve respectful, healthy relationships with their children.” Love and Logic is a nationally-recognized curriculum that benefits parents with children of any age with or […]


Annual Youth/Parent Conference

This weekend-long conference provides learning and networking opportunities for teens and young adults with behavioral health challenges and their parents.  Workshops often focus on current issues (such as bullying), advocacy, leadership, healthy transitioning to adulthood, symptoms and medications, etc. Teens and young adults (13-26) with behavioral health challenges and their parents are invited to attend. […]


Community Mental Health Centers (CMHCs) and KY Crisis Line Info

Please note: If you think you may have a medical or life-threatening behavioral health emergency or your condition becomes life-threatening, please call 911 or go to the nearest hospital immediately. For all other behavioral health crises, please call the 24-Hour Crisis Number listed below for your county. *Individuals who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing […]


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