Advocacy trainings offered by KPFC:

  • School Advocacy: Understanding Special Education and 504
  • Advocating For Your Child: Advocacy skills that can be used in different environments
  • Collaborating with Challenging Partners
  • Leadership Academy (weekend training event)

Advocating in your community:

  • Start a parent support group so that parents can have a united voice for making changes in their communities
  • Volunteer to be a member of a committee in your community: Family Resource Center, Youth Service Center, public library, PTO/PTA, School Based Decision Making Council at your child’s school, etc.

What to do while at the Capitol:

Your legislators have the responsibility to represent you and your interests at the state level. However, in order to represent you, they need to know your position on issues that matter to you and your family. Below is a list of tips on how to communicate effectively with your legislators:

  • Make an appointment.
  • Be on time for the visit.
  • Be positive and friendly.
  • Plan on what you are going to wear ahead of time and make sure you feel comfortable and confident.
  • State the reason for your visit.
  • Personalize the issue.
  • Provide reliable information.
  • Provide the names of people who can be resources and who can give additional information.
  • If you say you will get back to them with more information, be sure to get back with them!
  • Write a “thank you” letter!

Remember…Change is made by those who show up or speak up!

If you would like additional information about advocating or speaking to your legislator; check out the links below.

 Find Your Legislator

Advocacy 101 Presentation

Legislative-Tips-brochure-2018 ARC KY


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