Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Australia and the University of Melbourne are developing a course to meet the needs of adults who live and work with children (ages 5-12) who may be experiencing the development of a mental health problem, the worsening of an existing condition or a mental health crisis. To inform the course, researchers are surveying:

  1. Parents or caretakers with experience caring for a child or children with mental health challenges.
  2. Mental health professionals who primarily care for children.
  3. Young people with lived experience of mental health problems in their elementary years.
  4. Teachers and other school staff who work with 5-12 year-olds.

If you fall into one of these groups and you would like to support efforts to create a MHFA course for adults working with children ages 5-12, learn more and get involved by November 30.


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Do You Know About KPFC?

KPFC (Kentucky Partnership for Families and Children, Inc.) is a statewide, private, not-for-profit organization that believes all families raising youth and children affected by behavioral health challenges deserve responsive systems providing services and resources that are                                       Family-Driven and Youth-Driven.


It’s not always easy to tell others that your child has challenges managing their thoughts or feelings. And it might not be easy for your child to express that either. Even though it is normal for people of any age to experience these challenges, our culture has told us we need to fear them. In this video, we ask why it is this way and what we can all do to give each other the support we need to get help.   


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