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Resources for Families and Youth During COVID-19

Compiled List of Resources for Families and Youth During COVID-19  


Preventing Youth Suicide: A KET Forum

Inside Youth Mental Health As part of its Inside Youth Mental Health initiative, in July KET held a gathering of leading experts in suicide prevention and other concerned citizens that addressed this important topic. Hosted by Renee Shaw, the KET Forum explores the alarming rise in youth suicide, examining its root causes and highlights the most […]


Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day Proclamation

A proclamation is an official formal public announcement issued by your governor, mayor, or other local official to declare a matter of great importance.  The proclamation can be used to generate awareness of the mental health needs of children, youth, and families. Request a letter of proclamation that declares May 9, 2019 , National Children’s Mental Health […]


Youth Behavioral Health Bill of Rights


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