Learn More – Nurturing Parenting Statewide Program Sessions

March 20th

The Philosophy and Practices of Nurturing Parenting: In this session participants will learn the philosophies and practices behind the Nurturing Parenting model. Participants will begin to understand the different types of parenting skills, the importance of nurturing and how the Nurturing Parenting model became an evidence-based practice.

March 27th

Ages and Stages: Infants and Toddlers: In this session, we will begin to explore the different behaviors in infants and toddlers. We will focus on age-appropriate redirection and look at ways to nurture and engage our children as they grow through the different stages of development.

April 3rd

Brain Development in Children and Teens: In this session we will look at the brain development of young children, pre-teens and teenagers. We will discuss how the brain is developing during each stage of adolescents and how to engage our children while they are developing. This session will also discuss the way our brain development can affect our decision making in everyday life situations.

April 10th

Communicating with Respect: Communication with respect is a great way to teach our children how to engage others in a respectful way. This session will cover tips and tools to assist your child in building strong communication skills. In this session we will also practice tools to assist parents in communicating effectively with their children.

April 17th

Building Self-Worth: Building self-worth is something we instill in our children at an early age. In this session we will discuss the benefits of building positive self-worth in ourselves and our children. We will look at signs of negative self-worth in children and what we can do, as parents, to combat negative talk when we hear it from our children. We will discuss how our language can affect the way our children communicate and how to use body language, facial expressions and tone of voice to teach our children non-verbal ways to communicate their needs and wants

April 24th

Understanding Feelings: Understanding and managing feelings is a critical skill for a nurturing parent. Being able to address feelings of discomfort like anger, sadness and anxiety is important for children to learn in order to be able to address those feelings and regulate them as they become adults. We all feel happy, sad, lonely or excited at times. In this session we will discuss how to express our emotions in a positive way and build a sense of emotional competence in both parents and children.

May 1st

Morals, Values and Family Rules: Every family is different, and every family has their own morals and family values. In this session we are going to look at how our families’ morals, values and family rules affect the way we parent our children and how our children interact with others. In this session parents will identify three family rules and three family values that their family holds. We will also discuss the importance of having family rules within the family.

May 8th

Praising Children and their Behavior: In this session parents will learn what “praise” is and why it’s important to praise children and their behavior. Parents will discuss how praise helps build a positive self-worth in children. In this session, parents will be able to role play and practice using praise for their children.

May 15th

Alternatives to Spanking: In this session we will discuss alternatives to spanking. We will discuss why parents use spanking as a form of punishment. In this session, we will look at the differences between discipline and punishment and parents will compare it to how they were raised by their parents. Parents will be able to identify tools and tips to use instead of spanking.

May 22nd

Dealing with Stress and Anger: Stress and anger are normal emotions that everyone feels. In this session, parents will be able to identify when they are angry and identify appropriate ways to express their anger. Parents will learn tools to help their children express their anger and what they can do when their children get stressed. In this session we will discuss the positive and negative forms of anger and stress and our reactions to it.

June 5th

Nurturing our Relationships: We interact with people on a daily basis and we form relationships. In this session we will discuss healthy versus unhealthy relationships and how to recognize signs of both. Parents will learn tools on how to build strong trusting relationships with their children and be able to recognize signs of when a relationship is breaking down.

June 12th

Co-Occurring: Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder: In this session, parents will discuss how to care for their own mental health as well as nurturing good mental health in their children. In this session, parents will also learn about substance use disorder and how using drugs and alcohol can affect the way we parent our children. Parents will also learn signs and symptoms of substance use in children, teens, and young adults.


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